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What Hozhoni Balance Rail® users have to say about our orthotic:

"Highly recommended"

I damaged my feet by starting a retail store and not taking a day off for the first six months.  As my feet fell, they hurt more and more.  I have always been been active, and as they fell my knees hurt more and more as I ran, hiked, or even walked. Eventually, I came up lame after running just a mile.  Dr. Stilwell let me try the Balance Rail and the difference was real and immediate.  I can now run again, I can hike, and my feet don't hurt at the end of the day.  So far, it has been two years, and I the difference in my life has been profound.  I am very pleased and would highly recommend them to anyone who is getting a little older and feeling the consequences in their feet and consequently their knees.

-C.H., Colorado

"Best health purchase I have ever made"

​The Hozhoni Balance Rail Orthotics are one of the best purchases I have ever made for my health. In addition to helping my feet naturally develop strength to realign, they have improved my posture and helped my back. I highly recommend this product as they can fit in all shoes, heels, sandals and sport shoes. I love my Hozhonis!

-A.M., Colorado

"Finally! All day support for flip flops and sandals"

I didn't know how badly my sandals hurt my feet until I put on a pair of Hozhoni Balance Rails!   Flips flops and sandals are now comfortable for all day wear.

-J.R., Colorado

"Your orthotics are fantastic and work with all my shoes"

Living an active lifestyle in Colorado, I know how important foot comfort is. I have been wearing the Hozhoni Balance Rail for about 6 months now. They continue to give me the extra support I need whether I am working out, biking, paddleboarding, hiking the trails or wearing my flip flops/sandals.                                                                                                                                                                                                    

- N.F., Colorado

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