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Hozhoni Balance Rail Orthotics

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Instructions for Placement:

  • The Hozhoni Balance Rail® square tab (cuboid pad) sticks to the outside (lateral side) of each foot.

  • The center rail (metatarsal support) towards the front of the device should be tried in several arch locations on the bottom of your foot, until you find the "sweet spot" for the most relief.

  • After sticking to your foot, immediately step down with force on a hard surface and then place your foot in your shoe.

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  • My Orthotics Hurt:  Peel the orthotic off (rewash if it needs it), then re-stick the Hozhoni Balance Rail™ a little bit to one side, and/or front to back in your arch.  Report this to your doctor of podiatric medicine (or wear you purchase the orthotic from) if it continues. Don't wear them too much too soon, you need a break in period.  Again, work in conjunction with the team at your podiatrist's office.  

  • My Orthotics Lost Their Stickiness- Wash with a toothbrush and neutral soap, being careful to pick out any "goobers" that might have lodged themselves in the Medical Grade Silicone. 

  1. After washing your orthotics' sticky sides (liberally, with soap and water-maybe a soft brush), let air dry- face up. Do this every night upon peeling the orthotic off your foot and enjoy a long life for your Hozhoni Balance Rail®!
  2. Danger: sticky sides may PERMANENTLY bond together if allowed to nest against one another.  Store the devices in the handy carrying case if you're not wearing them that day. 
  3. Apply the sticky side of each device to freshly washed and dried arches of your feet. Oils, lotions, dirt and especially PET HAIR will make the devices lose stickiness quickly and possibly become unusable (like not sticking at all to your foot ever, ever again).
  4. The positions of The Hozhoni Balance Rail® on your foot is critical. Please note on the "foot model" picture to the right. 
  5. May you practice the Navajo concept of Hozhoni: Walk in Beauty!

Take good care of your new Hozhoni Balance Rail®,

and it will take good care of you.