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If one thing is certain, we don't tip-toe around your foot pain!

The Hozhoni Balance Rail® was designed to do more than just provide you an orthotic to temporarily cushion your feet. Our podiatrist-designed orthotic sticks to your foot to provide you comfort and relief in all your shoes! By combining balance, support, and cushioning, The Hozhoni Balance Rail® provides support and help for a variety of foot conditions, such as plantar fasciitis and flat feet.

Stick them to your feet in the morning and find comfort in your house slippers, into your work flats/heels/boots, in your running shoes and back into your house slippers! All day comfort, without having to take in and out your orthotics in every pair of shoe you put on throughout the day. Made from medical grade silicone, you can have peace of mind when you stick The Hozhoni Balance Rail® to your foot all-day.

NEW, ADVANCED, HIGH STICK FORMULA! This extra tack should allow sport users and others with heavier feet perspiration to wear the devices for a longer period of time without slippage.

NEW DESIGN PENDING! This design will incorporate "uni-foot" fabrication, deleting the left/right concept for the orthotic. Plus, extra sweat channels built into the new mold, pending another month or so for real time production!



  •  One orthotic, works in all your shoes*, because it sticks to your foot instead

  • Washable and reusable for thousands of uses

  • Functions similar to a regular in-shoe orthotic

  • Clinically proven over years of podiatric clinical trials

  • Made with medical grade silicone for worry-free, daily contact to your skin.    


  • New, advanced, high stick formula!    


  • Brand new design, with new high tech features pending! 

Why The Hozhoni Balance Rail®​  Hozhoni balance rail orthotics