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A percentage of all profits from Hozhoni Balance Rail go directly to CMTA to help patients with CMT neuropathies have therapies available to them to manage or modify their disease.

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Sticks to your foot; Peel & wear;
Enjoy in all your shoes! 


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An orthotic for ALL your shoes with the Hozhoni Balance Rail® .

Our patented Hozhoni Balance Rail®  is sold online and at select health professionals' offices.


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The Hozhoni Balance Rail™ is a podiatrist-designed orthotic that sticks to your foot to provide you comfort & relief in all your shoes! Need foot orthotics? Try ours. Orthotics for plantar fasciitis. Orthotics for flatfeet. foot pain relief. foot support. 

Here at Hozhoni Health Services we don't tiptoe around the importance of your feet!


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